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About us
InfoSec Learning’s Workforce Education Program provides training and education to individuals who are interested in gaining the necessary knowledge and skills to start a new career or enhance an existing one by broadening their expertise.

InfoSec Learning is a leading provider of innovative training and learning solutions to meet the increasing, urgent, and changing field of information security. Our professional educators, up to date and easy to navigate curriculum, and state of the art online lab environment combine to provide a high quality, hands on, practical learning experience that can accelerate a career in Information Security.

The Offering
InfoSec Learning provides you with turnkey non-credit workforce education courses complete with a hosting environment, professional educators, books, courses, and an online lab solution in high demand in relevant areas including:Ethical Hacking, Managing Information Security Threats and Risks, Information Security Risk Management Planning, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, and Computer Forensics.
The Difference
We are a trusted partner with many four year universities that leverage this offering in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs. These courses are specifically designed for the practicing IT professional using up to date content and state of the art technology. This offering is designed for rapid deployment for institutions serving communities with a large IT professional population.
Why Infosec Learning
We are a top provider of state of the art education and training solutions in information security in an online, instructor led environment. We focus our products on “in demand” areas of knowledge and our professional educators ensure that your course takers can leverage the knowledge gained in a professional environment. The most important component of the offering is our “hands on” online lab environment that supports the learning objectives in the course using state of the art technology.
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