Global threats to cyber infrastructure and applications are growing dramatically every year. The demands of those protecting these vital assets are outpacing the ability to defend. The inevitable questions are how important is it that your organization be able to assess the cyber ability of your current employees and how quickly can they be trained on various skills?

With powerful partnerships, Infosec Learning is the backbone of many offerings to the education and training space. Our ability to instantly deliver off the shelf labs, create custom labs, and/or convert existing labs into our environment, allows us to turn nearly any learning need into a quantifiable skill.

Many companies want to make sure they are hiring the best talent for their open positions, but what is the best way to tell if an applicant has the skills they say they have? We believe the proof is in the pudding and work with companies to create hands on assessments to definitively show if someone has the skills they say they have. This allows companies to weed through the talent pool based on necessary skills before ever conducting an interview.

Infosec Learning is helping cyber practitioners, students, and professionals stay ahead of threats and turn their passion into a career. Are you ready to learn more? Let us know at

Delivering Hands-On Experience Online

  • The lab solution is an online, remote accessible laboratory environment giving students a real-world hands-on experience that provides the necessary skills-set readiness needed to perform entry-level security practitioner support.
  • The real sizzle behind the InfoSec offering lies in these labs. No longer do schools have to create their own lab environment, spend mountains of money for implementation and upkeep, and/or incur the costs of customization.
  • Software licensing costs and maintenance are now a thing of the past. With our labs all the software licenses are managed by InfoSec, assuring all the software is the most up to date version.