Virtual Labs

Educate. Train. Prepare.

Three simple, but powerful words that are easier said than done. Infosec’s cloud based, infinitely scalable, self-assessing virtual platform and labs are ideal for any school, business, or agency wanting to train and/or assess on any cyber or information security skill.

No networking gear, infrastructure, and/or software needed…just a browser.

Infosec is first to market with the most unique and flexible virtual lab solution. We separate ourselves from our competition in many ways, but to toot our own horn, here are a few…

  • Full LTI integrations with your school or company’s LMS.
  • Best in breed labs that can be instantly added to any course or program.
  • Ability to work with or without access codes.
  • Auto assessment tool that eliminates the need for instructors to grade labs.

How do organizations work with Infosec?

  • Off the shelf labs– Infosec has off the shelf labs we can group together to cover all the needed skills in a course. It literally takes a matter of minutes to get up and running with us.
  • Your organization’s content – Maybe your school or business already wrote labs for a specific need. In this scenario we could simply deploy your labs in our platform and instantly eliminate the need for you to maintain them or the infrastructure they reside.
  • You don’t have it, we don’t have it – if you are looking to train on a specific skill or learning objective, just tell us what it is. Infosec has the ability to create content from scratch simply by you telling us what skills you would like to see.

Interested in hearing more? Email and one of our folks will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

Delivering Hands-On Experience Online

  • The lab solution is an online, remote accessible laboratory environment giving students a real-world hands-on experience that provides the necessary skills-set readiness needed to perform entry-level security practitioner support.
  • The real sizzle behind the InfoSec offering lies in these labs. No longer do schools have to create their own lab environment, spend mountains of money for implementation and upkeep, and/or incur the costs of customization.
  • Software licensing costs and maintenance are now a thing of the past. With our labs all the software licenses are managed by InfoSec, assuring all the software is the most up to date version.
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