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Cyber Range


The term “Cyber Range” could possibly be the most overused and undefined term in the world of cyber training.  Simply put, a cyber range is a collection of servers where users can access one or more virtual machines.  There is no secret sauce to this and there are thousands of places that have cyber ranges. If you’re a business, school, government, or organization that wants your users to train on specific needs, with specific VMs, networked a specific way, replicating real-world scenarios, with advanced cyberattack scenarios, Infosec Learning is the platform for you.

cyber range

Infosec Learning

  • Infosec Learning can deploy over 25 different operating systems with nearly any configuration, to replicate your environment(s), and/or the environment(s) you want your users to train in. 
  • We couple this environment with integrated questions, tasks, and/or challenges, set by the you. 
  • These challenges can be and auto-scored and results logged into an administrator dashboard to assure the user is meeting all your training needs.
cyber range

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Infosec’s ability to deploy these isolated environments, to massive amounts of users, with incredible speed cannot currently be matched by any of our competitors.  There is no other competitor that combines this with an integrated platform to deliver the most robust training experience available.  

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