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Elevate your certificate or degree program with Infosec Labs

If you currently offer or have always wanted to offer various certificate or degree programs in cyber and information security that integrates a customized, hands-on virtual lab experience for real-world skills readiness--look no further. 

  • Full LTI integrations with your school or company’s LMS.
  • Best in breed labs that can be instantly added to any course or program.
  • Ability to work with or without access codes.
  • Auto assessment tool that eliminates the need for instructors to grade labs.
  • Fastest and most scalable platform currently serving over 140 schools.

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With our strategic partnership with the National CyberWatch Center, we recognize the information technology courses that are a priority for you. We can help you get your certificate or degree program off the ground or improve a current program with our customized virtual labs.

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CyberWatch Programs

Cyber Defense

Topics include:

  • Dissecting cyber risk
  • exploring cybercrime
  • understanding how malware hides
  • monitoring your network
  • managing incident response

Network Forensics

Topics Include:

  • investigating network traffic
  • how protocol analysis works
  • working with network forensics tools
  • using packet sniffers

Secure Software Development

Topics Include:

  •  Analyzing different kinds of security threats
  • Designing secure software by adopting patterns and addressing vulnerabilities
  • countering insecure direct object references
  • securing sensitive data
  • Testing software security

Network Security Administration

Topics include:

  • Server Components and server architecture
  • basic configuration, server roles
  • virtualization, server security
  • networking
  • troubleshooting

Systems Security Administration

Topics Include:

  • User Management
  • System administration
  • workflows
  • roles and groups
  • adjust notifications

We can provide all the needed documentation for the program including program overview, suggested textbooks, syllabus, and most importantly, all the virtual labs that accompany each course. You can sign up for our free Instructor Resource Center to learn more.

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